The Geological Society of India

GSI Sesquicentennial Commemorative Award

This is been instituted by the "Geological Survey of India - 150 years Felicitation Committee" in the year 2003 and is shall be given to a geologist for making a significant contribution in the field of Engineering Geology and Coastal Geotechniques. The award shall be made once in two years commencing from the year 2005.
  • 2005: V.S. Krishnaswamy
  • 2007: Brij Mohan Hukkku,Lucknow
  • 2009: Ajay Kumar Naithani,KGF
  • 2011: T.N.Singh, Mumbai
  • 2013: S.P.Jalote, Lucknow and Arindam Basu, Kharagpur
  • 2015: S.K.Gupta, Lucknow
  • 2017: Gopal Dhawan, MECL, Nagpur
  • 2019: Vinod Kumar Sharma, GSI (Retd.), Lucknow
  • 2022: Vikram Gupta, WIHG, Dehradun