The Geological Society of India

T. N. Muthuswami Memorial Lecture

This Memorial Lecture was instituted at the instance of Prof.T.M.Mahadevan in memory of Late. T.N. Muthuswami, a well-known and popular Professor of Geology, Presidency College, Chennai. Selection of person to deliver the lecture will be among those who have made outstanding contribution in the fields of Mineralogy and Petrology. The lecture shall be once in two years at a place fixed by the Council. Following lectures have been delivered so far under this endowment:
YearSpeakerTitle of the talkPlace
2000M.Ramakrishnan, ChennaiMetamorphic Evolution of the Dharwar Craton and the Southern Granulite TerrainPresidency College, Chennai, on 8th March, 2000
2002A.S.Janardhan, MysoreGranulite Blocks of Southern IndaGeological Society of India, Bangalore on 23rd May, 2002
2005G.R.Ravindra Kumar, TrivandrumLithology and Metamorphic Evolution of Granulite Facies Rocks of Kerala, Southern IndiaGeological Society of India, Bangalore on 18th May, 2005
2008M.JayanandaArchaean Crustal Accretion Process and Tectonothermal Events in Southern IndiaGeological Society of India, Bangalore on 16th June 2008
2011N.C.Ghose, BangalorePetrography of the Naga Hills Ophiolite (NE India) with special Reference to High-Pressure Assemblages of Glaucophane Schists and Barroisite EclogiteGeological Society of India, Bangalore on 15th June 2011
2013N.V.Chalapathi Rao, VaranasiKimberlites, Lamproites, Lamprophyres and their entrained Xenoliths: Keys for Unravelling Geodynamic Evolution of the Cratons and Mobile beltsGeological Society of India, Bangalore on 20th December, 2013
2021P. Krishnamurthy, PuneCarbonatites and Related Alkaline Rocks with Special Reference to IndiaGeological Society of India, Bangalore by Virtual mode on 17th March 2021