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Hutti-Gold Mine into 21st Century

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This publications provideds an important insight into the history and future poten????tial of India's gold mining industry and has acted as a major catalyst in encouraging the Government of India and the various State Legislatures to create the favourable investment climate which has resulted in the arrival of a number of senior and junior gold mining companies in the country in recent tims.???? This publication provides a valuable syn????thesis of why the Hutti operation is where it is today and, more importantly, highlights the potential of the mine and the enveloping greenstone belt. It is essential reading for would-be investors and prospectors.

Limestone and Dolomite Resources of Karnataka

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The Proterozoic Kaladgi and Bhima Basins of North Karnataka covering parts of Belgaum, Bijapur, Bidar, Gulburga and Uttara Kannada districts are rich repositories of limestone and dolomite deposits. The geology, reserves and environmental aspects of their exploitation are succinctly brought out in this publication. The volume brings together at one place all the relevant information on the limestone and dolomite resources of the State for easy reference by students of Economic Geology, Policy Makers and for Entreprenuers.