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B.P. Radhakrishna A Commemorative Volume

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The volume was brought out to commemorate the birth centenary of Dr. B.P. Radhakrishna, former Director of Department of Mines and Geology, President of the Geological Society of India and a doyen of Indian geology. It contains selected 25 landmark contributions spanning over the period from 1952 to 2008 which had significant bearing on the then existing knowledge, published in Journal of Geological Society of India and various other Journals. The papers are presented under four sections: 1. Archaean History of the Earth, 2. Geomorphological Studies, 3. Mineral Resources Development, and???? 4. Water, Environment and Ecology; each section prefaced with editorial comments by Dr. R. Srinivasan, Prof. R. Vaidyanadhan, Dr. M.S. Rao and Mr. Subhajyothi Das, respectively.

Geology of Bihar and Jharkhand

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This book provides an exhaustive account of the geology of the two States that occupy a crucial position in the Indian Peninsular Shield. The book is authored by an experienced geologist with first-hand knowledge of the geology of the composite Bihar State.

The book attempts to weave the fascinating story of the geological evolution of a vital segment of the Indian Shield, which is also richly endowed with diverse mineral resources.

Geology of Himachal Pradesh

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The Himalaya, stretching from the Nanga Parbat (8126 m) in the west to the Namche Barwa (7756 m) in the east, forms an arcuate mountain belt and a rampart for the Indian subcontinent along its northern margin (Fig. 1.1). It comprises the earth????????s largest mountain range with its varied geotectonic zones (Fig. 1.2). From time immemorial the Himalaya has been the source of poetic and spiritual inspiration. It has, ever since the advent of man, sustained several civilizations that flourished on the plain that bordered along its southern margin with its perennial rivers, lush green forests along its slopes and the fertile soil of the land that lay at its feet.

Geology of Kerala (2nd Edition – Revised)

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This revised and enlarged edition of the Geology of Kerala incorporates new information on coastal geomorphology, mudbanks and mineral resources in addition to a chapter on Environmental Geology with special reference to Kerala. This publication is an ideal introduction to the geology of Kerala for the benefit of all earth science students and researchers alike.